The production process and technique of paper bags

Choose the paper material you want,usually,it include art paper(128G,157G,200G,230G,250G..),white/black card paper( 190G, 210G, 250G, 300G..);Kraft paper(100G,120G,150G,200G,250G,300G..);specialty paper.

Paper bags with their corporate image is often an extension of commodity advertising strategy, and its design and general print different printing, spot color, full version more, with a large amount of ink, bright colors. So it's printing technology and other product requirements are also different. Special attention to the printing ink to the operator control of balance adjustment of status is better equipment, or prone to ink from the bar, the color of the color problem. Some printing companies than the provincial billing paper and printing to come and go when you need to pay attention to the printing position up and down and to ensure the subsistence and, on paper at the bottom of the tongue and mouth size. Such as the need for coated products such as India must also pay attention to try to control the process ink film thickness and reduce the use of additives to minimize the use of powder.

3) Laminating

Lamination is a process in which a thin protective transparent plastic film is applied to the surface of the paper bags. This gives the packaging even more rigidity, making it not only highly durable but making the treated surfaces water proof too.
What's more important is that the laminating can preserve the standard of the printing for years. The glossy laminating makes the packaging box look shiny, while matte lamination has the added benefit of giving the finished surface a soft "satin" finish that is really smooth to the touch.
4)surface finishing
Bronzing, UV, and other printed materials coating the surface finishing technology is widely used mobile paper production process. It is great to meet people on the bag's beautiful, high-end pursuit. In the production process, good control of these processes must also be part of the key points.
Indian gold foil technology and strong compared to its metallic, consistency and bright color, three-dimensional richer. Bronzing bronzing effect depends on the perfect temperature, pressure and velocity of the organic coordination. Stamping operations of stamping should be concerned about the effect of the following factors: A) stamping products, surface roughness; B) stamping the surface of printed products post treatment (covered, over oil); C) the hot foil used in India adaptive; D) version and foil-stamping machine stamping the status. Stamping is a complex technology, in the stamping process to fully consider the above factors, stamping it be possible to achieve satisfactory results.
Mainly refers to the surface of the polishing process on UV light and ordinary glazing. Polishing process can make good gloss printing effects and improve anti-wear resistance of the surface of printed materials, in particular the local UV light and UV coating on the process in the use of paper bags, so thick and dense layers of printing paper , moisture rich gloss, printing prominent theme, look and feel strong.
In addition, the bump, colorful, flocking, and other printed materials Paper bags are also finishing process to obtain a degree of technology use, the use of these processes not only improve the aesthetics of paper bags and fashion, but also cultivate a user interest in life. We must also control the operation of technical essentials of these processes, which play the efficacy of icing on the cake
5)die-cutting process
Cutting process is the combination of cutting knives and knife indentation on the template used in the same piece of die-cutting machine for cutting of printed materials and processing technology indentation method, also known as "rolling marks." It is in the process of a paper bag production important process. Directly affects the quality of cutting the quality of paper and hand molding paste system efficiency.
Paper bags should pay attention to the die-cutting process: A)choose the correct template. Since the majority of paper similar shape, size change some little pieces of work must make the first drawings were reviewed in order to avoid the wrong template. B) control the working pressure. Requires cutting edge can not have glitches, dark line clearly better off but also to avoid deep-fried line. Some part of the paper cutting can not see when the dark line, but hand-off occurs when the bags burst paste system, so try to keep die-off during the process of testing to do. C) consider the characteristics of paper, silk thread along the direction of the paper, paper is better off, molding pressure can be smaller, while the direction perpendicular to the paper, silk thread, paper folding can be more difficult to increase the compression pressure in the local. D) jam poor toughness, such as when there is no surface film, with particular attention to cutting effect.
6)paste box
Paste system and bag production process is the most special link. In addition to supporting the use of some semi-automatic equipment, mainly depends on manual completion of the entire paper process in the least efficient link. Demand in developed countries and bag a huge fine, because they can not be completed through the automated production line, so there is a lot of printing and packaging enterprises in China's exports of paper products provides a business opportunity.
Paper bags must first make a paste made the first pieces of technology planning. A) According to the paper the appropriate choice of adhesive materials. Many paper plants due to lack of technology experience, often caused by improper selection of the adhesive stick a plastic bag off. Export of container in the paper need to adapt to the possible high-temperature 50 ~ 60 íŠ and the Use of 20 ~ 30 íŠ below zero low temperature test, but must also consider the aging of adhesive factors. B) the construction paper and handle forms and other materials and links for a variety of paper products, we will have to investigate specific cases based on the manual process using appropriate methods. Before the system will need to paste some red handle mounting hole, and some system in the process of paste to use hot fixed mobile and so on. These hand-made paste the planning process needs to be completed before production, and once the confirmation process, we should strengthen the process of manually paste the details of the system controls to prevent pollution and avoid the production of excess plastic bag in the surface scratches and so on. Of course, pasting pieces of the system produced the first batch of prenatal proofing can refer to when planning for process re-evaluation process.
Paste done by hand and bag system has basically been formed, there are some final steps hand bag - punching, wearing rope and other operations to complete the final molding and bag packaging
Process through the above analysis of paper bags, we know that exquisite fashion paper bag is a complex process of a series and eventually completed. The omission of any part of a process may lead to the production quality of the accident. Process rigor is a necessary condition to ensure product quality. Throughout the process, we should strengthen the assessment process and the process management of the amount of the first pieces of pre-enforcement of the validation process, the same time, strict production process of tracking control. Any perfect technology must rely on strict operating procedures to ensure the implementation of technology.
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